The best hair accessory for you

I recently came across this brilliant little article, which gives great advice on choosing the perfect wedding hair accessory for your face shape. Great if you're unsure of which style to go for! 

Courtesy of SquareMeal Wedding Magazine

For more tips and tricks on fantastic hair accessories to suit every bride, take a look at my recommended hair combs, pins and accessories article here. 

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Gorgeous Wedding Hair Accessories

If you're currently thinking of ideas for your wedding hair, a wonderful place to start is to explore the beautiful bridal hair accessories available:


Beautiful Bridal Head Piece

Beautiful Vintage Pieces

Emmy's gorgeously vintage, Art Deco inspired hair piece is a wonderful nod to the 1920's. The intricate design brings a touch of old Hollywood glamour to your look and works beautifully at the back of a half up hair style or chic bun. At  £185, the piece is definitely an investment, but will make a beautiful addition to your look. Check out Emmy's website for more designs here.

Hollywood Vintage

Channel your inner Hollywood starlet by taking inspiration from Jessica Biel's 1940's glamorous look. A loose, vintage, brushed out wave works perfectly with a feminine, classic hair pin used to sweep the hair back on one side. BHLDN, offer some exquisitely designed hair pieces that would work perfectly for this classic style:

Vintage Hair Style
BHLDN hair accessory: Wild Rose Comb

BHLDN hair accessory: Wild Rose Comb

The Boho Bride

For the bohemian girl, a delicate headband adds the right amount of relaxed femininity, whimsy and romance to your wedding look.  BHLDN offer a wide range of unique hair wreaths and headbands, such as their Sakura Halo piece, which has been handmade in France with mother-of-pearl buds and velvet tie. Their ethereal Demeter Halo, with Swarovski crystals woven onto golden thread, is also a beautifully detailed piece.


BHLDN: Sakura Halo

BHLDN: Sakura Halo

Demeter Halo

Demeter Halo

Stay tuned for more advice on the most flattering hair accessories for your wedding...


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Top Products Tips for Beautiful Bridal Hair

Perfect product choice is key when planning your bridal hair look; it can make the difference between a good hair day and a great hair day! Read on to find out more about the best products for you:

Add Volume and Texture

Osis Dust It is an amazing product that is brilliant at texturising the hair at the root, allowing for maximum backcombing and volume. I use it on a daily basis as a hair stylist as it allows me to create maximum volume with minimal effort. Just tip a small amount of the powder onto the roots of the hair (I always do this section by section), then either rub the hair between your fingers for a little volume, or backcomb for a big lift. I add volume and texture with this product for every hair style I create, whether smooth and sleek or tousled and gorgeous. You'll be amazed at how versatile this product is! 

Best for Dark Hair

Although I love Osis Dust It, I also highly recommend Label.M Brunette Resurrection Style Dust (quite a mouthful!). The Osis Dust It is brilliant, however it does have it's drawbacks in that, if over used on dark hair, it starts to become visible and powdery in appearance (not a great look). So, you can either use it very sparingly on dark hair or try Label.M's equivalent product designed exclusively for use on dark hair. It is never visible, no matter how much you use.

Add Definition and Reduce Frizz

Tigi Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier is unbeatable when it comes to taming frizz and smoothing the hair into beautifully defined curls or waves. It also has great hold, so keeps curls in longer, which is great for girls' who's hair tends to drop throughout the day. After setting the hair in rollers I use a small amount to separate out the curls and tame fly-aways as I work on creating each style. This product is brilliant at helping to create any hair style, from super tight curls to loosely defined waves. 


Remember, the right product choice is key when planning your wedding hair look. You'll want it to look flawless from the moment the style's created until the end of the night, and the right product choice will help make sure it does!

Alternatively, why not book a hair stylist to do the hard work for you? Enquire about Alicia's services here for a friendly, skilled and sought-after service.


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The Beautiful Bride, Irena

Take a look at the images of the beautiful bride, Irena in Chiswick House and Gardens. We went for a very natural and clean make up look with definition round the eyes and a softly enhanced lip. The hair style on day the was a half up style. By adding a plait along one side it gave the hair style an interesting twist: perfect for a summer wedding.

Pro Tips for Perfect Make-up

Part 1. Perfect Base


Beautiful Bridal Make-up and Tips by Alicia.

Perfect foundation begins with great skin

Whatever your skin type, taking care of your skin ensures that your foundation sits perfectly and looks flawless.  Understanding your skin type is the first step. If you are unsure about your skin type, make use of the the assistants in department stores and ask for a free skin care consultation. 

Oily skins will require oil-free light formulations and emulsion and gel-like textures, whereas dry skins will require rich, luxuriant textures offering extra nourishment . Combination skins will require something in between. 

Ensure that you treat your skin well: skin that looks dry without make-up will look extra dry with make-up and oily skin with a heavy moisturiser will cause your make-up to look greasy.

TOP TIP Whatever your skin type, always remember to exfoliate. Flaky skin never looks good with foundation.


Make-up and Skin Care Tips by Professional Make-up Artist Alicia.

Make-up tips by Alicia: Primer

Wear a Primer

Keep your make-up looking flawless all day by wearing a primer suited to your skin type. Oily skins will require a mattifying primer, such as Laura Mercier's Oil free Foundation Primer, to keep your make-up shine free and looking fresh all day.

Conversely, dry skins will benefit from a moisturising primer, such as Laura Mercier's Hydrating Foundation Primer, which will give your skin a beautiful glow and help reduce dry patches.

For normal to combination skin go for a classic primer, to keep your make-up in place without adding extra moisture or stripping away excess oil. Laura Mercier's award winning Original Foundation Primer is a great choice for all. 


Choose your Perfect Shade

Choosing the right shade for you is very important; there is nothing worse than an orange face and a white neck!

Choose three shades close to each other in their depth and test them along your jaw-line, inbetween your chin and ear. Blend three lines of foundation down your jawline onto your neck. Whichever shade disappears into your skin and is the least detectable is your perfect shade!  You will find that some ranges of foundations do not have a vast variety of shades. If you can't find a shade that works for you, move onto another brand of foundation.

I highly recommend No7's foundation range and their colour match service. A consultant will use a specialist electronic device to discern your foundation shade which will suit you perfectly!


Wedding Hair and Make-up Tips by Alicia. Foundation Match.
Wedding Make-up Advice by Alicia, London. Foundation Colour Match.

Stay tuned for tips on choosing the perfect foundation formulation for you...

Why not take the guess work out of applying your make-up and hire a make-up artist here.


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Louise and Max's Wedding

Louise and Max's Wedding. Pam Wrigley created the beautiful hair and make-up look for the bride and I created the hair styles for the bridesmaids. They all looked gorgeous! Photography/videography by B D Wedding Photography

Teaching for Create Beautiful Hair Course

As part of Pam Wrigley's team, I regularly work on her 'Create Beautiful Hair' course. This month, the three day course took place at the Fantastic Hairdresser's in Chiswick, which was a great success! Find out how to create gorgeous, bridal hair here!

Our new wedding make-up course is coming soon too so watch this space...